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Well guys, it’s that time of the Assignment again … FEEDBACK TIIIME!

Please find attached a copy of my DRAFT “The A2 Milk Company” Restated Financial Statements.

The A2 Milk Company Dannielle Clarke 10020574

I can tell you that I definitely found this tough to complete. It will be obvious once you open it that:

  • I have completely NO IDEA what is going on with restating of my Statement of Movement of Equities. Any pointers in the right direction here will be amazing!
  • I have completed the Statement of Financial Position and Income Statement as closely as possible to Maria’s lectures, and I believe that the required content is included.

Any feedback received will be extremely helpful and appreciated! I am away from home, but will reciprocate with feedback by the 3rd May.

I have also attached a copy of the Feedback form.


Cheers guys!


Damn You DEBBIE! Damn You!

Feedback Assignment 1, Steps 2 – 6

Hi guys,

A short post of links to Feedback that I have provided. Unfortunately I’m running a little late as TC Debbie decided to drop in on my study days! Booo! Or in the spirit of my company….MOOOO (cranky cow face)!

Amber Grech: PEER FEEDBACK SHEET – Amber Grech

Natasha Hodgson: Very sorry it’s late and may not be of use to you now! PEER FEEDBACK SHEET – Natasha Hodgson

Aida Pita: PEER FEEDBACK SHEET – Aida Pita

Bonnie Beckingham: PEER FEEDBACK SHEET – Bonnie Beckingham

Zoey Catania: PEER FEEDBACK SHEET – Zoey Catania


Here she is! The famous Debbie! We have not only been affected in Mackay, but our friends and family live in Proserpine, Cannonvale and Airlie Beach. Everyone has sustained damage to their property. We are hoping that the highway to Proserpine will be open tomorrow so we can join the clean up and take up some requested supplies.


Assignment 1, Steps 3 – 6 DRAFT

Hi Everyone!


Please find attached my DRAFT Assignment 1, Steps 3 to 6. I am still working on a few steps particularly STEP 3 and I have a few questions on Step 4…

Please find my word document here: Step 3 to 6

Please find my Step 4 Spreadsheet here: The A2 Milk Company Spreadsheet

A few things I am having trouble with are:

  • Any feedback on Step 3 will be much appreciated, on what else I should add! Also a review of my Step 5
  • Step 4, when entering the Items from year to year, what do you do if they are listed as comparable items, but worded differently? I have coloured some of my cells where I have this trouble in yellow or red. Some of mine are worded diffently in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016! E.g. Net profit / (loss) for the period VS Net surplus / (deficit) for the period including associate / joint venture suplus / (loss)
  • Are you entering the headings within your financial statements as they appear on your annual statements?
  • Are there guidelines dictating how to format the information in excel?


Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! I will also provide feedback for you.


Thanks! 🙂



Mooooving Right Along!

The A2 Milk Company


I am happy with my allocation of The A2 Milk Company. When I was growing up, my dad was the milk man! We had copious amounts of milk, ice-cream and cheese in our house at all times. Although no-one in my family has a problem with digestion of any dairy products, this is a very interesting company to research. The A2 Milk Company’s entire business is built on the assertion that milk and dairy products containing only A2 milk proteins (as opposed to any A1 proteins) may not cause inflammation or cause digestive trouble compared with normal dairy milk available (which contains A1 and A2 proteins).


The company was founded in New Zealand in the year 2000 by Dr Corran McLachlan(scientist)  after he discovered that some people who normally had discomfort when drinking ordinary cows milk, (containing both A1 and A2 proteins), were able to drink cows milk containing only the A2 protein and not experience discomfort. The A2 Milk Company has invented a patented non invasive dna test to determine which cows will produce milk containing only A2 proteins. The A2 Milk Company works with their suppliers to determine which cows only produce the A2 protein their milk. These cows are separated from the herd and milked separately to ensure that the A2 milk will not be contaminated by milk containing A1 proteins.


“as the a2 protein pioneers, we are single-mindedly determined to help people enjoy a better life”

The A2 Milk Company Annual Report 2016, p.2


The A2 Milk Company website is:


Here are three informative videos available on The A2 Milk Company website and youtube that explain these themes a little better:


What is A2 Milk?


The science behind A2 Milk


The A2 Milk Company – Investor Relations, prepared for the 2016 Annual Meeting:


The business describes themselves as “in the business of producing, marketing and selling premium branded dairy nutritional products in targeted global markets”. 2016 Annual Meeting Presentation


They produce liquid milk products and infant nutrition formula and a few others (Ice cream was released to Australian retailers in 2015) and aim to develop into other dairy based nutritional products. The A2 Milk products are available in Australia, New Zealand, UK, China and the US (Southern California, Northern California, Pacific North West and Colorado). As part of my research into The A2 Milk Company, I have product tested both the light and whole versions of the A2 Milk available at my local supermarket. As yet, I haven’t seen the infant formula (a2 Platinum Premium Infant Formula) stocked at the supermarket yet. I also don’t have an Infant, so product testing would be futile for me in this area.


The A2 Milk Company is listed on both the New Zealand Securities Exchange (NZX), ticker code: ATM; and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), ticker code: A2M. The financial year for the company is 30 June.


The Company Strategy as outlined in the 2016 Annual Report is as follows:

  1. Continue to build a substantial premium milk business;
  2. Build a global infant nutrition business;
  3. Establish an advanced adult nutrition brand;
  4. Continue to invest in building brands, integrated Intellectual Property portfolio and sponsoring a growing body of scientific evidence surrounding the A2 protein benefits (in the absence of A1 protein).


The areas of business that seem most important or critical to The A2 Milk Company this financial year include:

  • Financially supporting researching to support the claim that milk and dairy products containing the A2 proteins (in absence of A1 proteins) cause less inflammation and digestive issues for some people that suffer these ailments.
  • The transition of the business from a dairy company to a new strategic direction on dairy based nutritional products.
  • Increasing their market share in the AUS, UK, US and Chinese markets
  • The Chinese Market seems to be the number one target market for the company for the next financial year, particularly the increase of sales of infant formula.
  • A2 Platinum Infant Formula was the fastest growing infant formula in the Australian Market in 2016


Key Challenges facing the A2 Milk Company?

  • The Australian arm of the business initiated Federal Court proceedings against a competitor (Lion Group; subsidiaries Dairy Farmers and Puma Milk brands) for alleged misleading and deceptive conduct around the competitors “Contains A2 Protein” product claim. I.E. Dairy Farmers and Puma Fresh milk brands have been advertising “Contains A2 Protein: on their product. This is true, but ordinary cows milk sold by these two businesses will also contain the A1 proteins that The A2 Milk Company has removed from their products. Market research and feedback has concluded that it confuses the customers. This case will be heard in November 2017.
  • Changing regulatory requirements in the Chinese Market for importation and supply of infant formula


My Key Concepts and Questions:

  • Is the science behind the A2 Milk Company a proven fact or is it just really good marketing? It seems that many of the experiments carried out that purport the evidence behind A2 Milk Companies claims are funded by the company? I guess we will find out in the future…
  • The Annual Report can be a hard slog to read, and to be honest I probably need to go over it again a few times to really gain a thorough understanding of what is going on in the business
  • I also had to really read Chapter 3 of our Study Guide to identify my Financial Reports. In The A2 Milk Company Annual Report the Income Statement is called the Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income and the Balance Sheet is called the Consolidated Statement of Financial Position. The Statement of Cash flow and Statement of Changes of Equity were easier to identify, being the Consoldiated Statement of Cash Flow and Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity.


Annual Reports:


News Articles:


There are various news articles, youtube clips and Facebook comments discussing The A2 Milk Company. Here are a few links:


Overview of the A2 Milk Company, published 24 Nov 16 for the 2016 Annual Meeting:


Sky News 24 August 2016, Published on Oct 11, 2016

Peter Nathan, CEO of The a2 Milk Company Australia and New Zealand explains the highlights of the 2015-2016 annual results


Legal battle between a2 milk and Dairy Farmers’ Lion turns to science. September 16 2016




Welcome, One and All!

If you’re here reading this blog then I’m assuming you are from the Term 1 2017 cohort of Accounting, Learning and Online Communication.

My name is Dannielle, I’m studying via Distance but based in Mackay. I’m recently married to Ryan and we have lived in Mackay since October 2014. I currently work as a Shotfirer on a Blast Crew near Moranbah. I’m studying the Bachelor of Property part time as property investing is a keen interest of mine and I am also hoping to change career at some point in the near future.

My hobbies include reading, camping, spending lots of time in the outdoors and of course spending time with friends and family.

I don’t know about you, but I am very new to blogging (having never blogged at all before) and to use it in an accounting subject is very different for me! There are so many activities to do this week and as usual Week 1 has me stressed out and we haven’t even started yet. From flicking through the Course Profile and writing down the due dates for assessment, I always find myself getting bogged down in the details and freaking out about how much work is ahead.

So now is the time for me to get organised, get my schedule written down and plan all my study tasks.




Assign 1, Step 1

Hi Guys,

Welcome to my Assignment 1, Step 1 draft. If you have time I would really appreciate it if you could provide some feedback.

Step 1


Dannielle 🙂

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